We Believe a Story is much more stronger


far more Engaging when a User Expereince

After 20 years of being in the advertising industry, we realized that we were selling the book instead of the story.

As human beings we are more interested in the story.

A brand is a living organism with humans behind it, and like any human, a brand has a story to tell, whether that be about success, love, friendship, an event, a moment, a gathering, the story of humanity.

Every one of us has the instinct to tell a story and we also love listening to them, simply because we are human. Our existence is a journey and we love to share it. With today's technology, sharing has become simpler than ever.

The power to share is setting us free to tell our stories.

At MNM , we harness the power to share stories between brands and consumers alike.


Any device,
anywhere…the ultimate power.

The generation of now breathing the  culture of instance.

Operating in this newly formed environment of foment transparency, whatever we do is instantaneously measured by time, numbers, and reactions. Interaction between people becomes like molecular reactions, vibrant and natural.

They don't call it viral for nothing.

We leverage our insight and accumulated expertise for our clients across a variety of key growth sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: sports, fast moving consumer goods, telecommunications, banking and medical supplies. We are fortunate to draw our clients from a very diverse pool of corporates.


01 - Consumer Insight Research
02 - Strategic Road Maps
03 - Social Brand Management
04 - Innovation & Mobile
05 - Production
06 - Content & Context
07 - AppNation.ME
08 - Digital Publishing
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01-Consumer Insight Research

In an ever-evolving environment . insightful consumer strategy and research in key ,we provide our clients an indepth understanding of what deives consumers and how to influence their decisions and adoption patterns through true actionable insight


01-Consumer Insight Research

In an ever-evolving environment . insightful consumer strategy and research is key .We provide our clients an indepth understanding of what drive consumers and how to influence their decisions and adopting patterns, through true actionable insight

02-Strategic Road Maps

We believe Marcom is a journey as apposed to a destination .A road map is paramount to save time,money and effort. We tailor road maps to achieve different brand missions. to us a strategic road map is like a religion by understanding what we DON'T want to do we achieve more

03- Social Brand Mangement

Our conviction is that a brand is a living organism that has a character, attitude and more important social acceptance . Our Social brand Management tools and techniques opens avenues of meaningful conversations with consumers.

04- Innovation & Mobile
Any device. Any where. Any time. we exist in an asynchronous universe
We consume content across a variety of screens. We believe innovation
is about finding new ways to innovate old things, differentiators that create
compelling brands and inventions that write the history of tomorrow.
05- Production
Compelling Stories with big ideas need first class execution. We take ideas
from inception to conception with an attention to detail, with a perfect
balance between form and function. We deliver maximum return on your
marcom investment.
06- Content & Context
We match Form with function to craft engaging content. By
engaging, we treat content as a fluid that can travel across time
and space, from copy writing to story boarding to creative, our
team brings your story to the forefront at the right interval
07 - AppNation.ME
"There is an app for that" but what makes an app a success is where we make a difference . Because we have a stake in the success of App, we are nurturing the first eco-system in the Middle East to support developers, ensuring their success and value addition to the lives of consumers.
08- Digital Publishing
Digital publishing is one of the key efforts for creating amusing designs. We've been working on improving and updating the profession of digital publishing. The creative group work as a team to develop a valuable outcome.